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Palm Tree Installation


Palm trees, in New Jersey?

Every year the most common questions we get asked are:

  • “Where do your palm trees come from?”,

  • “How do they get here?”

  • “How do you plant them?

So, we wanted to take you on an inside journey into our palm tree expedition. Our palm trees embark on a long treck from Redland Nursery in Homestead, Florida and arrive in Beach Haven, New Jersey right before Memorial Day Weekend.

A long 1,038 mile journey on the back of an 18 wheeler flat bed truck. Once here, the staff at The Sea Shell spends an entire day planting the palm trees around the property with the help of an excavating machine.

A long tiring day, but often rewarded by finding some fun critters along the way. The palm trees need basic watering and some beautiful sunshine, but that’s about it!

They live long enough to make it through our entire season. Come November, we cut them down and wait to do it all over again next year!